A few of my fellow MHCI classmates and I formed a summer “study” group with the goal of getting more practice on what we have learned over the past two semesters. Our first project is a mobile application design (or redesign), where we will rapidly conduct research, create wireframes, and finish with a high-fidelity visual design, including animations.

I chose to focus on developing a concept for a social music sharing application, aimed at connecting friends and making it easier for them to socialize through music.

This project is still a work in progress. However, since this is my passion project, I thought my portfolio would be incomplete without giving it a mention. I will be making updates as I continue working on it, including specifying features, information architecture, and wireframes. Come back soon!


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As music consumption has become largely digital, some sentimental acts around it have diminished. For example, it used to be common for friends to share music with each other, frequently by burning CDs and sharing them. While music sharing still takes place in the digital realm, the variety of digital music platforms and restrictions they impose can make this more complicated than it is worth. Additionally, digital music sharing seems to lack the sentiment that came with sharing a physical tape or CD.

Is it possible to create a digital application that not only makes it easier for friends to share music with each other, but also encourages it and makes it more enjoyable?


I envision an application aimed at making music consumption a more social experience and recapturing the sentiment from sharing physical copies of music.


As I make progress on this project, I am also posting to Medium as a way to update friends, solicit feedback, and to give myself an opportunity to reflect on my progress. I will add links to each Medium post as I go.

Phase 1: Defining the Problem Space & Initial Research

In this phase, I kicked off the project by conducting a mind mapping exercise, sending out a survey and analyzing responses, and conducting a competitive analysis on existing music applications.

Learn more about what I did here.

Phase 2: Requirements & First Wireframes

In this phase, I am going to define the application requirements and start drafting wireframes. This is currently in progress so stay tuned!